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of vegitable

The Greek
and Armenian
legends and
the Bible
mentions that
the grape
was the first
plant that
God created
food for people.
Walking in the
territory of Mets
Hayk, getting
down from
the mountain
Korikum in
Kilikia, Noah
heard from
people that
a goat he released
from the
ark became
very strong
and powerful and
terrifying all
animals including
wild cats
and Lions. All
animals were
complaining that
the goat does
not allow them
to live in
peace. Noah
finds out that
the goat eats
grape seeds
every day,
which makes
him to get
strong and
powered. Realizing
the situation
Noah together
with his suns
planted a large
vine yard
in Ararat Valley.
Later he and
all other people
were getting
vine and juice
out of grape
and vegetable oil
out of grape
seeds. He was
advising all
people to eat
at least 21
seeds each
day to get
healthy, as well
as use the oil
to cook and
make salads.